Hungry Elephant Story

once upon a time there was an elephant. he was live in forest . One day he is feeling very hungry, but he is not getting anything to eat. He left for the city in search of food. Because he was very hungry. People in the city adopted many ways to drive him away but could not drive away that elephant.

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That’s why a sugarcane seller is carrying sugarcane from the way, when he saw his elephant, he gave him a bundle of sugarcane to eat. The elephant satisfied some of its hunger by eating that sugarcane and sat under a tree.

After some time, the same sugarcane seller comes back from the same way, only then some goons start harassing him on the way, when the elephant’s eyes fall on the person who gave him sugarcane to eat, the elephant saves his life by running away. The two later become friends and he brings the elephant home with him.

Moral: What a man does, so he gets.

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